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Since 2011, MSD has called its employees to do their part in making a difference by pledging not to use plastic bags and bottles whenever possible. In support of employees pledging to do this, MSD provides a non-woven bag and aluminum tumbler to each person.

The pledge drive is part of the wider Go Green campaign, a corporate responsibility effort for the conservation of natural resources, and protection of human health through environment stewardship.

Since its inception in 2011, Go Green had successfully implemented initiatives such as providing shopping bags for employees in a bid to reduce use of plastic bags, recycling bins in the office and stopping the use of bottled water and non-reusable cutlery in Styrofoam, plastic, and paper at in-house company events.

In 2011, the dedicated recycling efforts had resulted in 180 kg of plastic bottles and cans, 960 kg of milk cartons and boxes, and 540 kg of paper recycled. The proceeds from these efforts were used used to replenish pantry supplies and fruits for  employees.